The Annual Caledon Kids of Steel Is This Weekend!

It’s not officially spring until the C3 Benson Steel – Royal Containers Kids of Steel has taken place. With the annual race scheduled for this weekend, we can officially say spring is here are the Canadian race season is under way.

The Kids of Steel event, hosted by Caledon’s own C3 and their generous sponsors, is something I look forward to every year.

Kids of Steel across Canada

The Caledon Kids of Steel event is one of many Kids of Steel events that take place each year all across Canada. There are events in other Ontario towns, such as Lindsay, and there are events in various places in BC as well.

Needless to say, there are many events to choose from. Although Caledon is always one of the best, you can still pick another date if this weekend doesn’t fit into your schedule.

Obviously, there’s a reason there are so many of these events. They provided great family fun for all ages. Triathletes and fans can mingle, while kids can take part in a triathlon, enjoy demos, and more.

Getting Kids Moving

One of the great things about Kids of Steel events like the one hosted by C3 this weekend is that they provide an opportunity for kids to get up and get moving. Canadian kids are some of the world’s most inactive, and it’s been a challenge for parents, teachers, coaches, and governments to figure out how to motivate kids to get moving.

Exercise has so many benefits and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. People who form a love of sport and movement in their youth tend to continue to be active for the rest of their lives.

It makes perfect sense to get Canadian kids up and moving. It’s good for their health, now and in the future. C3’s Kids of Steel event, and others like it, provide a chance to introduce kids to four amazing sports (swimming, running, cycling, and triathlon). It also broadens horizons for parents and kids. You don’t have to pick between hockey and soccer there are a lot more sports out there


Sports Are Good for Kids

Recently, there’s been plenty of concern from parents about how sports, particularly organized sports, could be harming their kids. Some people suggest the physicality of some sports, like hockey or football, have long-lasting impacts on children. Others are more concerned about the social aspects of sports, suggesting that the competitive atmosphere in many sports venues can contribute to bullying.

These concerns might have some weight, but they also forget just how beneficial sports can be for kids of all ages. Competition can help children develop confidence. Some sports encourage teamwork, which also boosts self-confidence. I truly believe endurance sport really help me develop and become the person I am today.


My Own Story

I’m dyslexic, and school was very difficult for me. I wasn’t very good at reading, so the classroom environment undermined my self-confidence. Reading seemed to come easy for them.

Sports—everything from soccer to mountain biking to eventually running, cross-country, and finally, triathlon—helped me overcome this. Sports were something I excelled at, particularly individual sports. They also helped me believe that hard work could help you improve. My focus in the classroom improved, as did my reading skills. With hard work, lots of support from caring educational workers and family members, and teammates, I eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Greco-Roman classics. To this day, I read for pleasure, even though it can still be tough for me.

Why Come to C3’s Kids of Steel?

There are plenty of great reasons to come to the Kids of Steel event in Caledon this weekend. As I’ve outlined, there are so many benefits for sports for kids. If your child loves triathlon, or any of the sports involved in it, it could be a great opportunity to help them participate in a fun event.

Another reason could be to introduce a child to something new. Maybe your kid is sad hockey’s ended for the season, or maybe they decided to quit soccer this year. Why not show them a whole new world of options? Introducing kids to more sports will help them find something they truly love. And when you love a sport, you want to keep doing it, no matter what. That’s the basis for healthy, active lifestyles long into adulthood.

C3 also does a great job with the event. In fact, it’s one of the longest-running Kids of Steel events anywhere in Canada, which should say some great things about the event the organizers put on each year. C3 started running a Kids of Steel triathlon event after Simon Whitfield’s gold-medal win in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. The organization wanted to be part of the future of triathlon in Canada, which includes creating spaces for Canadian kids to participate in triathlon events!

Another great reason to come out to this year’s event? There are activities for all ages, including a race for the adults as well as the youngsters. Oh, and I’m going to be there. Drop by and say, “hi”!

When and Where

This year’s C3 Benson Steel – Royal Containers Kids of Steel happens on Sunday, May 27. The fun begins at 11:45 am, with race waves from 12 noon until 12:30 pm. Awards for the top 3 are provided, and every participant will receive a race T-shirt and finishers medal.

You can also stick around after the race for some much-need post-race fuel.

The fun all goes down at the Mayfield Recreation Complex in Caledon. You can find directions here. The weather looks to be warm and sunny for the morning, which a chance of thundershowers in the afternoon. Be sure to dress appropriately, bring sunscreen and hats, and stay hydrated.


Hope to see you there!