Some thoughts on living and training in Guelph.

A little off season MTB fun. After a long season of racing I wanted to do some fun stuff. I have missed MTB and it was great get back out there.

After having the cottage for my hole life it is time to say good bye to it. 2017

After dealing with a knee injury for the past few weeks I am back to running again and wanted to put up a little run video. 2017

Just a little trail run in Cali. 2017

Cold winter training in Caledon. 2016

Some of my early training in the 2016 year. Photography: Hillary Hayes and Taylor Reid

A full day of training on Saturday in 2015 with Taylor Reid in Poway California.

A tempo run in 2015 with Taylor Reid, Taylor Forbes and Austen Forbes.

Some clips of C3's Wednesday brick workout in 2014.